velvet dining chairs

Dining chairs, its dining room, kitchen, or dinner table that hits my mind when i hear of a dining chair. Something that every house holds.

Although it should have been dining table and the chairs together but the trends are changing. Most of us are buying chairs separately in better contrast in order to have something which elevates our dining rooms and which fits perfectly with the décor if its open kitchen or dining hall.

Well I guess, that’s why we are here. To help you out with making the right choice and to guide you through this process, Here is the list of velvet dining chairs that are remarkably good. All these chairs have been chosen after extensive research and are on the list because they have the most elegant design, are reliable and most of all, the comfort that is being offered.

Without further due, let’s get to our top picks for velvet dining chairs.

1) Bates tufted velvet dining chairs by Christopher Knight Home

Available in more than 5 colors and made from the wood of oak, these bates tufted velvet dining chairs are perfect choice for the people with good decorating sense. These chairs are available as a set of two and the fabric used for the chair is velvet with 100% polyester to provide you with a stylish look and the comfort that you desire. Best thing about these chairs is their elegant design and the color choice because you can pick the one which fits with the decor and doesn’t seem odd.


Elegant design


Natural assembly

Affordable price

Fabric quality is great


Size feel slightly bigger (For those who wish for a bigger chair or have bigger dining tables)


2) Carolina Charcoal Velvet Dining Chair by Christopher Knight Home

Made of oak wood with velvet fabric and stuffed with 100% pure polyester, this Carolina charcoal velvet dining chair is the one for the people who are looking for a dining chair in a relatively larger size. 40 inches height and 21 inch width of the seat make it more comfortable and easy to sit. Along with all other features, this chair has an excellent design. Bates tufted style, charcoal color of the velvet fabric and straight back, all these features give it a unique look that is desired by everyone. This chair is also available as a set of two and is best value for the money.


Excellent quality material

Nicely tufted fabric

Beautiful design

Very comfortable

No assembly is required


Only available in one color (Charcoal)

3) Acrylic leg Velvet dining chair (Set Of 2)

If you are looking for a dining chair that complements your glass table, this chair is the most suitable for you. These tufted chairs with acrylic legs, handmade nail head trim and elegant design can match with every type of décor. Material used in the chair is plywood along with velvet fabric and foam to provide the maximum reliability and comfort. There is also this option of choosing the arm less chair or arm chair to match the needs of the customers. These chairs are available as a set of two.


Alluring Comfort with excellent design

Materials used for the chair are of best quality

Acrylic legs that fit amazingly with glass tables and every modern décor

Luxurious style

Handmade nail head trim that gives it a bold look

Best value for the money

Can be cleaned easily


Assembly is required

4) Monsoon Markelo tufted velvet dining chairs (set of 2)

In soft velvet fabric and traditional style, these Markelo tufted velvet dining chairs are a good addition to your space. These chairs are for those people who want to buy the dining chairs that are neither too fancy, nor too classical but are plain and simple with traditional style. These chairs are made of poplar wood, velvet and foam, to provide the great comfort and style. Best part of buying these chairs is availability in more than 7 colors to fit them with all kinds of décor. These chairs are absolutely the best value for the money.


Traditional design

Sturdy and very comfortable to sit on

Material used has very durable

Availability in more than 7 colors

Button Tufted fabric for design and comfort


Some assembly required

5) Retro Velvet Chairs for Dining (Set of 2)

Available in 5 decent colors with sturdy curved legs that are wooden and with great finish, these arm less accent chairs give a stylish look to your dining room. The legs are made of solid rubber wood while the button tufted backrest and seat are all one piece, which make this chair most sturdy and stable. Nail head trim over the velvet fabric seat and springs along with sponge padding give it an elegant look and provide extreme comfort, which make it the best choice for everyone.


Stylish design with nail heads

Very durable material

Use of springs and sponge padding for the comfort

Highly durable

Excellent design which complements all kinds of décor

Amazing colour choices

Foot pads protects from scratching floor


Assembly required

6) Cello Grey Velvet Dining Chairs

In a soft velvet fabric and unique and neutral colors, this velvet dining chair is made of 100% polyester while the leg material is rubber wood. The hardwood frame, natural finish and the material used for the chair, make it very comfy, stylish and durable. With their simple and neutral colors, these chairs provide a decent and luxurious look and complement all types of décor.

Overall dimensions of the chair are 25.25″D x 21.75″W x 41.00″H with seat width of 20.98″, seat depth 17.72″ and seat height of 19.21″. These dimensions make the chair neither too small that the person can’t sit easily nor too big that a lot of space is required to settle these chairs. These chairs are available in some other colors too apart from the cello grey.



Very comfortably cushioned

Good wide dimension

Decent neutral colour

Traditional curved design

No assembly is require


The wood used for the chair has natural finish which might be a problem if you are looking for something with darker and glossy finish.

7) Marianne Dining Chair by Christopher Knight Home (Set of 2)

With rustic finish and curvy legs, this Marianne velvet dining chair is made of the oak wood which make it very durable and stylish. For the people who are looking for a chair in light color and with no armrests, this chair is the one to go for. Its fabulous design makes it one of the most desirable chairs to fill in the space of the dining room. Its kind of oval shaped back rest along with the button tufted seat, make it very comfortable and provide it a unique look that catches the eyes of everybody. This chair is available as a set of two.

Chair Dimensions: 24”D x 24.50”W x 40”H

Seat dimensions: 17.50”D x 20.25”W x 19.25”H

Weight:39.9 pounds


Trendy and beautiful design

High quality materials


Decent and light color

Very Comfortable

No assembly is required


Availability only in charcoal colour.

wooden part has rough finis

8) Nayman Wingback Chair by Iconic Home (Set of 2)

If you are looking for luxurious chair with a blend of modernity and decency and require premium quality fabric, this Nayman chair is the best choice to go for. Made from solid wood and filled with multi density foam seating, this chair is extremely comfortable and a result of expert craftsmanship. The style of the chair is modern with a light mixture of classical look, which make it compelling for the eyes. It is available as a set of two and is undoubtedly great choice for your dining room, living room or office and surely complements the décor of every kind.


Luxurious fabric with upholstered design

Premium quality materials

Multi density foam for extreme comfort

Very sturdy and reliable

Fits amazingly with every décor

Easily cleanable


Assembly is required for this product

9) Ritner Charcoal Velvet Arm Dining Chair

For the people who are looking for a head and foot chair for their dining table, this chair is ideal. Made from wood and upholstered velvet fabric with button tufted back that is straight and seat that is upholstered, it provides you with great durability and comfort. This chair provides the traditional look which compliments most of the décor that is trending. The dimensions of this seat are great for users of almost any size and weight. The charcoal color is light, which looks decent without making it too fancy.

Chair Dimension: 24”D x 24.50”W x 37.50”H

Seat Dimension: 16.75”D x 19.75”W x 19.25”H

Armrest dimensions: 27.25”H


Elegant design

Very durable

Can be cleaned easily with a cloth


Curvy legs that make it stylish and well balanced

Good value for the money


Rough wood finish

10) Venetian velvet dining chairs by Christopher Knight Homes (Set of 2)

Available in four different colors with dark finish wood, Venetian velvet dining chair provides the best value for the money. If you need a velvet dining chair but do not want to spend a lot of money on it, these chairs are perfect fit for you. These chairs not only provide you with great comfort and style, but also are economical and in range of almost everybody. These chairs are also available as set of two.

Dimensions: 39.50 inches high x 27.75 inches wide x 20 inches deep

Seat dimensions: 19 inches high x 20 inches wide x 20 inches deep

weight capacity: 250lbs”


Economical chairs with amazing looks

Elegant design with button tufted back

Comfortable thick cushioned seat

High back

Easy assembly

Dark finish to provide a fancy look


Assembly is required (although it is easier)

does not have arm support


For the user feasibility, we have our personal recommendations which we think are the best among these.

For the users who are looking for something good but do not want to spend a lot of money on these chairs, Venetian velvet dining chairs are the best option for them. These chairs have all the good features, without being too pricey.

The users who want to have the chairs that are highly durable and fall between high and economical price range, Marianne Dining Chair by Christopher Knight Home are most suitable for them. These chairs have good design which fits well with all kind of décor, and are sturdy and durable.

Acrylic leg Velvet dining chairs are perfect choice for the users who want everything at best. From the amazing bold design to premium quality materials, these chairs are representation of perfect craftsmanship.

Hopefully our guide to buy the velvet dining chairs would help you in making the most suitable choice for you. Your feedback is valuable for us so, feel free to comment and tell us what we should include in our upcoming topics.

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