Sleeper sofas for Small Spaces

The efficient use of space in the home and saving cost is the priority of many and what best way could there be other than sleeper sofas for small spaces.

Generally, a bed is the most space consuming object in any room and that is an issue for many. No matter you are living in a studio apartment or a Victorian-style home, beds consume a lot of space which makes it difficult to set up everything properly.
Besides space, there are also issues like guests for a sleepover which requires people to have extra beds at home. Or you can share your privacy with them which obviously isn’t the best solution.

Sleeper sofas relieve you from these worries and make it possible for you to set up everything and still have some space. Or deal with issues like guests coming over. They can serve as sofas in day and beds at night.

These sofas are known by many names from sofa beds to bed-couches but all point to one thing and that is an efficiency of two in one.

One very important thing to remember is “Sleeper sofas are usually suitable for using once in a while”. If you are planning to buy it for day to day use, do not forget to upgrade the mattress or buy an extra topper that is 2-4 inches thick to sleep comfortably in daily routine. 

The reason behind that is, sleeper sofas normally have 2-4” thick mattress that becomes compressed and uncomfortable due to daily-use. 

In this article, I will introduce you to the 10 best sleeper sofas for small spaces like apartments and guest rooms.

Let’s have a look at each one of these sofa beds in detail.

Elliot Easy-Pull Modern Sofabed

The first spot on our list goes to Elliot’s easy-pull sleeper sofa for small spaces by Rivet. 

This sofa bed is great to blend of design, comfort, and elegance and goes well with your home decor.

The dimensions of 36.6”D x 71.3 ”W x 35.4 ”H make it a better option for apartments and living space. 

This sleeper sofa for small spaces comes with espresso color finish over solid beech wood legs. That is something that goes well with its gray color and makes it very decent and attractive.

Cushions are extremely soft, thick foam-filled with medium seat depth. That makes it easy to get up after sitting for a while.

This sleeper sofa comes in one piece, so nothing does on your part except taking a nap once it is home.

Another great thing about this sofa bed is that the company offers free swatches as samples to check out before actually buying the product. So, you can actually test before buying, and without incurring any cost (if you are a prime member).


  • Highly practical, modern, clean and decent design that compliments your living space
  • No assembly is required
  • Very easy to convert from bed to sofa or otherwise and still stays very comfortable
  • Fairly priced
  • Comes with 1 Year warranty + 30 days free returns

Ultra Optimum Brown Sofa Sleeper

With its unique and modern Turkish design, soft and comforting look, Ultra optimum brown sofa sleeper is the perfect option to give your home a luxurious image and your guests a memorable experience. The excellent detailing and exclusive tailoring make it the perfect choice you can make for your home.

This sleeper sofa comes with tufted cushions, tufted back, contrasting pillows, faux leather armrests and espresso finish that defines your taste and compliments your sense of decor.

The dimensions of 88.9 x 41.7 x 33.4 inches make it a good option for your living room, guest room or apartment where you can use it as a multi-purpose item. 

The steel innerspring coil with wrapped foam fill makes it very soft and comfortable for your daily use.

Not like the majority of the sleeper sofas where either the sitting is comfortable or the bed, this one is perfect for both. 

The quick converting mechanism allows you to easily and quickly convert your sofa into a decent, comfortable and stylish bed. 

After conversion, the bed is spacious enough to accommodate a couple, so you can also use it in your apartment as your primary bed at night and sofa in the daylight.

In addition to effortless conversion mechanisms, this sleeper sofa features a durable metal frame to increase its sturdiness and provide you the best value for your money.

Along with all amazing features, this sleeper sofa provides an “unpack-at-home” option that is completely free of cost. So, you can not just get it delivered to your home but set-up in the room of your choice without making any effort. This service also includes floor protectors or doing any minor assembly required, move your old sofa to some other room and clean up the work area along with disposal of packaging on customer demand.


  • Long-lasting metal frame with sturdy built
  • A foam fill wrapped steel innerspring coils for extra comfort and undisrupted sleep
  • Inviting look with a modern tufted design that compliments your home decor
  • Quick conversion from sofa to bed that can entertain two people and is practically bigger in size
  • Un-pack at home service option without any extra charges


  • Some basic assembly is required

Revolve modern sofa bed 70” width

The third item on our list of sleeper sofas for small spaces is the Revolve modern sofa bed. It comes in 4 different color options that perfectly suit its linen fabric.

With its modern design, elegant look and classic features, this sofa complements your existing furniture.  Besides that, the streamlined design makes it an amazing addition to your home.

It has a solid wooden frame and wooden legs. Due to that, this sleeper sofa holds up great and offers greater durability. 

You can use it in your living room as a sofa for day to day use. And in the hour of need, you can pull the bed frame out to accommodate your guests.

This sleeper sofa has 70” width which makes it wide enough to be comfortable and well-fitting in small spaces.

As for assembly, it is easier than ever. Because on your part, you only have to attach the legs and put it in place.

This sofa bed is available with dimensions of 36.6″D x 69.7”W x 35.4″H.

It also benefits buyers by providing One Year Warranty and 30 days of free returns.


  • Decent, very streamlined and modern design with its classic look
  • Offers easy assembly, easy conversion, easy cleaning, and higher durability
  • Thick foam to make sitting comfortable but not too deep to avoid any troubles while getting back up
  • Provides good value for money


  • Delivery process is sometimes an issue

Devon Sofa Bed by Signature Sleep

This sleeper sofa by Signature Sleep is a perfect addition to your living room and the guest room. With it’s very smooth and streamlined design, tufted back and blue linen material color, this sofa bed is one of the best options for both home decor and comfort-seeking customers.

Besides that, it converts from sofa to bed in the matter of seconds.

For varying needs of buyers, this sleeper sofa is available in three different sizes from twin to queen size. So, you can choose the one that suits your needs perfectly.

To provide extreme comfort, it comes with CertiPUR-US Certified memory foam mattress that enhances your sleep and makes it much better and comfortable.

The encased coil cushions for sofa seats make sitting comfortable and allow you to enjoy both positions whether sofa or bed.

Twin size comes with dimensions of 32.5 x 54 x 35.5 inches which makes it a suitable sleeper sofa for small spaces. Other sizes can fit in from small to the huge living and guest rooms.


  • Modern design with blue linen upholstery and tufted back, that makes it suitable for home decor and guest rooms
  • Certified memory foam mattress that contours to body and distributes body weight equally, which makes it long-lasting
  • Availability in three different sizes, so you have the liberty to choose the one that suits you best
  • Velcro in back cushions to keep them in place


  • It does Not come fully assembled. You have to put feet and wide track arms in place before use. 
  • Seat cushions are firm which can be uncomforting at times.

Bladen Contemporary Plush Upholstered Sleeper Sofa 

If you love the blend of boldness and comfort, this Bladen sleeper sofa can be the perfect addition to your home and an amazing and comfortable place for your guests to sleep.

With its coffee brown finish and contemporary looks, this sleeper sofa perfectly fits the homes with wooden floors or traditional finishes.

This sleeper sofa comes with a full size bi-fold innerspring mattress, foam cushions in faux leather upholstery, sturdy steel frame, double-stuffed armrests and divided back styling.

All these features, combined with each other, provide better comfort and a sturdy built to this sofa bed.

With its dimensions of 36 x 90 x 38 inches and available in full size, it is a good choice for open living rooms where you can use it as a sofa at times or bed for guests.

Same as other products from Ashley, this sleeper sofa is shipped straight from Manufacturer to customers, to avoid delivery issues and make the process safe and smooth.

This sleeper sofa doesn’t require any assembly apart from the fact that you have to remove the hold-down straps/ wires that are used to keep the sofa safe and intact during delivery.


  • Beautiful contemporary design with a unique color finish and leather upholstery
  • Full-size sofa bed, that can easily accommodate your guests
  • Minor assembly required which is not even considered assembly
  • Thick foam cushions with innerspring mattress for extreme comfort


  • You can clearly feel the springs inside foam which is a bit uncomforting

Tibbee Full Sofa Sleeper – Ashley Signature Design

The next sleeper sofa for small spaces in the box is Ashley’s Tibbee full sofa sleeper. 

It actually isn’t that small in size. With its width of 78,” it is preferably a good option for small to medium spaced apartments and home.

With classic style and slate grayish colored material, this sleeper sofa for small spaces gives a very gleaming and casual but attractive look. 

Tibbe sleeper sofa comes with high-quality cushions that are made of foam and wrapped in polyester upholstery. 

Besides that, the plastic feet have a dark finish on them and compliment the overall look. 

Lastly, this sofa bed comes properly packaged, fully assembled and straight from Ashley’s furniture warehouse.

You normally do not need to do any assembly but sometimes you might have to install the legs, which is extremely easy. After that, your sleeper sofa is ready to fit in small spaces and get used.


  • Great sofa bed for once in a while use where the sofa can be used in daily routine.
  • A perfect option for small to medium spaces and is available at a great price for quality and value being offered
  • Blend of traditional and modern sleek design, having easily cleanable material 
  • Easy conversion that takes less than a minute


  • Mattress is not very thick (requires buying a topper to be comfortable)

Brittany Sleeper Sofa for small spaces

If you are looking for a sleeper sofa that is to be used in a spare room or at office space, Brittany sleeper sofa is the perfect option for you. 

It doesn’t cost very much and offers great comfort and durability. 

This sofa bed is available in different colors from the Navy to pink and different styles like couch or futon. So, you have plenty of options to carefully make your choice. In the category of sleeper sofas, this one is available in Twin size and Queen size.

As for design, it is very modern and luxurious and eye-catching, and can perfectly suit any type of home decor. Also, the seat cushions and arms of this sleeper sofa have piping details.

Along with that, it comes with a memory foam mattress to distribute the weight equally and allow you to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

The sofa opens up easily and reveals a twin-sized bed. while it is closed, it can fit in small spaces very easily. 

If space is not an issue, then you can go for the queen size bed too.
Besides that, choosing a sectional is another option for you if you go for this product.

 But obviously prices differ with the choices you make, so be careful what you wish for.


  • Availability of sleeper sofa in 4 different colors on a very affordable price while futon and sectional come in other colors like light blue and pink
  • Contemporary design with piping details and a smooth and attractive look.
  • Memory foam mattress for better sleep 
  • Twin sofa can support the weight up to 400 lb while conversion to bed decreases the weight limit to 225 lb. Meanwhile, queen size sleeper sofa can support a lot more weight than this


  • For the twin bed, bed length seems somewhat short but not very short. So, it’s suitable for teens but not the best choice for adults with good height
  • The arms of the sofa are thin which makes it uncomfortable to rest on those arms.

Logan Twin Sleeper Sofa Couch Pull Out Bed

This twin sleeper sofa couch from DHP is a very cost-effective option for furnishing your apartment. With its dimensions of 45.5″L x 85.5″W x 35.5″H, this is a perfect option for confined spaces like small guest rooms and studio apartments. 

Though it is very pocket friendly it doesn’t mean you are getting a piece of junk. I assure you, you will be surprised by its quality and sturdy built.

Logan sleeper sofa for small spaces comes with a wooden frame with wide and properly padded armrests for comfortable sitting.

The cushions are very firm but not uncomfortable at all. If you don’t like sinking into your sofa, this one is a good choice you can make by staying in your budget.

This sofa bed doesn’t come fully assembled so you have to do some basic assembly like attaching legs and armrests.


  • Perfectly suitable for small spaces
  • Very easy and basic assembly required
  • Firm sitting with coil cushions to make sitting and resting comfortably
  • Gives a decent look, and for the price you pay, it is a great piece of furniture.


  • Slippery material which might make you slide very often until it is properly worn. The same is for the back cushions, they keep falling over and over again.
  • For comfortable sleeping, you are gonna have to buy an extra topper because if your weight is higher, you will feel uncomfortable while sleeping.

Alex’s Convertible Sofa sleeper Loveseat in Black Leather

Looking to give your living room or guest room a modern and attractive look but do not want to spend a huge amount of money? Well, this sleeper sofa is the one you should go for.

With its faux leather material (Synthetic leather), this sofa bed is easy to clean, and suitable for modern home decor.

Meanwhile, it is available in three different sizes from 50” width to 54” inches. That makes it perfect for setting up in smaller apartments and homes where you need to save space. 

Also, you can buy it as a spare to keep in your guest room and use it when someone is there for an overnight stay.

The loveseat is very comfortable while the sleeper can be a bit stiff for some people.

So, better buy a topper or use extra padding for better sleep.

This love seat requires assembly which is not the easiest but still easy for those who have done it once or twice.

If you have any kids in your home, then it can be a perfect and comfortable bed for them because they don’t weigh much and stay comfortable on coil cushions or mattresses.


  • Amazing piece of furniture with stylish design and faux leather material
  • Easy setup, easy cleaning, and easy assembly
  • Perfect size for confined spaces 
  • Affordable price loveseats with easy conversion


  • Stiff sleeper mattress that is somewhat uncomfortable (Goes well with the price but still requires extra padding for comfort)

Convertible Splitback Futon couch with linen fabric tufting

This is a sleeper sofa, or to be exact a futon couch with split back design by Best Choice Products. 

If you are not comfortable with the idea of buying a sleeper sofa due to cost and pull out function, you should try this futon couch. 

With it’s split back function, you can use it as a couch in daylight while as a bed at night. 

It differs from a sofa-bed in a sense that sofa bed features pull-out function while this one only requires you to recline the back of the sofa and convert it into bed.

There’s one benefit of buying this one. “You can recline it to a certain angle and make your seating more relaxing”.

This sleeper couch is available in 9 different colors from beige to blue, so the matching colors are not an issue. 

Besides that, it has beautiful fabric tufting, metal legs, and soft cushions which give it a stylish look and makes it attractive while complementing your home decor.

It has dimensions of  75.5″(L) x 28.25″(W) x 33″(H) which make it perfectly suitable for the living room and apartment.

Assembly is also not an issue. All the tools required for assembly come with the product and assembly, in general, is very easy. 


  • Available at a very low price than average sofa beds
  • Extremely stylish, attractive and comfortable for sitting. It comes in 9 different colors so you have the liberty to choose whichever suits your existing decor.
  • Easy assembly with all tools included
  • Multi-function futon for sitting and sleeping and fits perfectly in small to medium spaces.


  • The foam used is of average quality while the fabric is nothing more than beautiful. You are gonna have to be very careful about that or you might tear it up. It has the same comfort issue with other low priced couches or sofa beds that the foam is not if great quality.

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