Hand rail for outdoor steps

Handrails for outdoor steps on the deck, patio, porch, or pool are not only functional but they also add to the aesthetic value of your property. Another important aspect to keep in mind when installing handrails for outdoor steps is safety. The younger folks take being able to make it up or down the stairs for granted, but think about the elderly members of the family. For them, it’s a valuable support that makes life easier and safer.

Many people may believe handrails are not needed for a few steps, but think again! It takes just one bad slippery step to suffer a bad fall. So, installing handrails for outdoor steps are not only about complying with the code compliance but they are also useful in keeping your family safe!

When looking for handrails, choose the one that adds strength to the entire structure, goes with the design of the house, and looks impressive. We have created a list of list of some of the best handrails for outdoor steps to choose from.

1) DIY Iron X Handrail For 2 or 3 Steps

Just as the name suggests, this is a DIY iron handrail that can be installed with little or no professional help if you are good with tools. It is designed for a 2-3 steps riser and provides a good grip. What we like best about this product is that it is made of real wrought iron instead of aluminium and has a powder coated black finish. As a result, it will last for long and add beauty to your porch for years to come. The kit includes 2 stainless steel post mount brackets, two snug strips and two stainless steel escutcheons.


Looks great when installed

Goes well with concrete or wooden steps

Well-built handrails

Feels sturdy and solid

Durable construction

It can be installed with ease, in less than 2 hours


Slightly more expensive

Screws and fasteners not included in the kit

2) Instant Rail 3-Step Adjustable Handrail

This is a DIY adjustable handrail designed to cover three steps made of wood or concrete material. It comes with an adjustable pitch from 0 to 38 degrees. The product is made from heavy gauge aluminium which makes it suitable for almost any type of steps – wooden, concrete or brick. The kit includes all the essential assembly and hardware required to install the handrail. You just need a concrete hammer drill and you are good to go.


Adds beauty to the porch when installed

Durable construction

Feels sturdy

Easy to follow instructions

Cost-effective solution

Adds safety and support for elderly

Good customer support


The fasteners that come with the kit are not good quality

3) Iron X Handrail Picket #4 Fits 4 Or 5 Steps

When you have 4 to 5 outdoor steps, you need a really sturdy handrail to keep you safe, especially during the winter months. Whether you have wooden or concrete stairs, the Iron X Handrail can be installed easily in the DIY way. The handrails for outdoor steps are made from real wrought iron instead of aluminium and this adds strength and durability to the product. The black powder coating on the exterior adds beauty to it. The kit also includes stainless steel mounts that are rust resistant.


Works perfectly for 4 to 5 steps

Durable and high-quality construction

Looks impressive when installed

Black powder coating looks great

Easy to install with instructions provided

Value for money


Lacks specific mounting instructions for the different type of materials

4) Inter-Fab D4BD049 Deck to Deck Mounted 4 bend Stainless Steel

This sturdy and gleaming handrail made from stainless steel adds beauty to the pool entry areas. It is made from high quality 304 stainless steel that ensures the handrail stays durable for a long time. The product is Made in the USA maintaining high standards of quality. Homeowners can install the handrails for outdoor steps following the instruction provided or watch the assembly and installation video on manufacture’s website.


Looks aesthetically pleasing

Easy installation with clear instructions

Sturdy construction

Has a shiny external coating

Three years manufacturer warranty

Friendly and helpful customer support


Begins to rust after few months

You need to buy anchors and escutcheons separately

5) Railing Now – Midway 4FT Transitional Handrail

The type of handrail you choose can make or break the exterior look of your home and in this case, you are a winner! The Railing Now – Midway 4FT Transitional Handrail not only look aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but it also adds more safety to your porch area. There are two color options to choose from – matte black and white. The handrails for outdoor steps can be easily installed on wood, concrete or brick by simple connecting the rails to posts.


Looks elegant when installed

Comfortably accommodates 4 steps

Made from rust-resistant powder-coated aluminium material

Installation can be done with ease

Easy instructions provided

Good value for money


Need to buy fasteners separately

6) Copper Vein Aluminium ADA Compliant Stair Handrail with Wall

This elegant handrail is designed to be installed on the wall and can be used for both indoor and outdoor steps. It is both IBC and IRC ADA compliant, so works perfectly for residential and commercial buildings. The kit includes two 6 feet and i.9 inches OD pipes, 4 adjustable position brackets, stainless wood stud hardware and internal splice kit. The DIY handrail can be installed with ease without the need for any special skills or tools. You can choose to use the full length or cut it down to match your required size.


Looks great with wooden or concrete staircase

Sturdy construction and highly durable

100% mechanical, can be assembled with ease

Can be cut in elbows or angles to cover a wall

24 hours order placement

Beautiful powder coat finish



7) Architectural Bronze Anodized Aluminium with 7 Antique Brass Wall Brackets and Endcaps

This beautifully designed handrail by Promenaid can add an air of sophistication to your property and make guests go ow. It is 15 feet long, 1.6” wide handrail and made from bronze anodized aluminium. The handrail comes with antique brass-plated hardware and the product is easy to assemble and install without professional help. Each bracket is sturdy enough to sustain 500 lbs, and it complies with the commercial and residential strength codes. The handrail seamlessly blends with any decor and looks perfect with wooden and concrete stairs.


It can be used for both interior and exterior stairs

Highly functional and stylish at the same time

Solid construction, gives you a comfortable grip

Aligns instantly with wall studs and can be easily repositioned

Durable and maintenance-free satin anodized finish

Friendly customer support and easy returns


The connector is slightly delicate and flexible

You need two people to install

Instructions are difficult to understand

8) Bronze Anodized Aluminium with 6 Antique Brass Wall Brackets

If you are looking for highly functional yet stylish handrails for outdoor steps that can be installed on the wall, this bronze anodized aluminium handrail from Promenaid fits the bill with ease. The architectural bronze anodized finish can add elegance to both the interior and exterior décor of your property. It also includes antique brass-plated hardware that is rust-resistant and maintenance free. It can be easily installed on any surface without the need for fasteners.


Complies with commercial and residential building codes

The brackets can sustain about 500 lbs

Well-built structure and beautiful finish

Durable and maintenance free

Anti-slip inserts for extra grip

Components fit together with ease

Easy to install

Good customer support

Value for money


The 12-foot handrail comes in two pieces

Lacks detailed instructions

9) Iron X Handrail Arch For 2 or 3 Steps

This well-built and solid iron handrail not only makes getting up and down the steps safer, but also incredibly increases the face value of your property. This is a DIY handrail so homeowners can install it on their porch or deck following the instructions provided. It is made from high quality wrought iron material instead of aluminium so that means the handrail is maintenance-free and durable. The mounts are made of stainless steel which makes them rust-free and sturdy. It looks great on different types of steps made from wood, brick, or concrete material.


Well constructed and looks solid

Easy to install with simple instructions

Enhances the outdoor décor

Great finish quality

Comes with clear installation instructions

Comfortably covers 2-3 steps


Slightly on the expensive side

10) Instant Rail 5-Step Adjustable Handrail

This 5-step adjustable handrail comes from the house of Instant Rail. It can be adjusted from 0 to 38 degrees and comes in two attractive color options – black and white. The DIY handrail is made from heavy gauge aluminium material and looks great on concrete or wood surface. It comes with all essential assembly and installation hardware so you don’t need to buy anything separately. Although it takes some time to install, you will be happy with the end result.


Well-built and feels solid

Heavy-duty metal construction, maintenance-free

Extremely secure and adds value to the exterior

Comfortably accommodates 5 steps

Easy to install with clear instructions provided

Amazing customer service

Great value for money


Mounting brackets are cheap plastic

our pick:

Choosing handrails for outdoor steps can be one of the most significant decisions for your home improvement project. It not only makes the porch safer during winter months but also adds value to your property’s exterior décor. You need to buy a product that offers a perfect combination of durability, style, and ease of installation.

If you are looking for a quick to install and reasonably priced handrail for 2-3 steps, you may consider buying the DIY Iron X Handrail. Those who are willing to spend more for a more fashionable look can go with the DIY Iron X Handrail Arch. If you are looking for wall-mounts, check out the Architectural Bronze Anodized Aluminium by Promenaid.

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