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When you are deciding on buying furniture you might have brainstormed for which place exactly you are going to make an addition. It can be your bedroom, lounge, dining room or hall and anywhere in your home. Therefore you should measure the place twice I must say where you are going to put your new furniture piece.

Than considering your measurements you should start looking at options to buy. Take benefit for the article above. Dimensions are mentioned in bolds to capture your first sight along with product’s weight.

After you are done with this, proceed to further steps.

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 Buyer Reviews

Product listings are from sellers themselves. That’s why it’s common for a piece of furniture to be exactly like what you might have been hoping for at first. Often, On the other hand, reviews tell another side of the story​, a slightly different story maybe​. That’s where other customers put on their real experience with the product.​

When shopping online, customer reviews are key to your success. Count on products you choose should be items that have lots of available reviews and read through them carefully. You’ll usually start to detect a major concern mentioned by multiple customers. Regard these concerns in your decision, as they’re likely to be your experience too.

A product that has a high number of comments, Keep in mind that it will have a few bad reviews. A bad review doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t get that product, but it should be a decision element. Have a close look at the percentage of bad reviews overall and how the complainants say the seller follow up to their feedback. That said, if a review doesn’t sit right with you, it’s probably best to shift other product in your list.

See original images of the product

Photo of the products online is hard to judge. Yes, that may be technically to guess what the piece of furniture really looks like, but it’s also being showcased in the perfect light and with the most ideal place to put encouragement factor in you to make a purchase. Many times, once you get it home, few details — especially color and patterns — can be wildly dissimilar to one shown in the photo.

That’s why we insist try viewing the real thing before you get it. Lastly, if requesting a swatch is not an option, you can always look for a photo of the product posted by a consumer in the review section. These photos and buyer reviews together will map a real version of how the piece will look once you’ve furnished your home with it.

Is there a Return Policy?

Purchasing thinking that you may end up in return hassle is never an option you’ll choose. However, it’s often unavoidable with online purchases. Sometimes, even a good amount of homework done and the best decision is not enough and the furniture just won’t work well in your home the way you thought of it. Checking the return policy beforehand assures that you have a backup plan if things don’t go your way.

Often there is a refund form or a handbook in packaging, things to look out for in return policy

Do they have any return policy at all?

After a successful purchase, Till how many days they will be accepting a return?

Do they need original packaging, covers, tags, and receipts to accept returns?

Do they make any sort of deduction or charge any fees for returning an item (courier or anything)?

What’s the procedure to request a refund?

What is the form of a refund do they make and what is refund approval time? When you should expect to get your refund?

Ultimately, a return policy is an assurance to your personal decisions. You only you have to tell whether or not you’re down to take the risk. However, since furniture is costly plus a thing you won’t buy every other day, we recommend buying from sellers that allow returns so you can protect your investment.

Hare are some of our furniture guides to help you get your perfect furniture

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