Car lifts for home garage

If you are a car enthusiast, nothing is satisfying like having reliable car lifts for home garage. The machines will help you in lifting your car to a level you feel comfortable when working. They will also provide you ample space to do your mechanics.

But, there are lots of these products in the market which makes picking a great one quite tricky. Even though most manufacturers come to you with loads of promises, do they deliver? Certainly no. And, of course, you don’t want to waste your money buying a cheap machine as it will make your work even more difficult.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you need this guide to know some of the top picks. It will also help you beat the confusion existing in the market today.

1. Triumph NT-9 Floor Plate 2-Post Floor Plate Lift

If you need a car lift with a blend of high quality and outstanding performance, then look no further than Triumph NT-9. It is one of the best ways to invest your money in a sturdy and long lasting machine that will make your garage work easy.

The two post lift provides you enough space when working with its 123 inches width size and 111 inches in height. You will be amazed that it will even perfect fit your small garage.

Moreover, it is compatible with most cars with a maximum weight lifting capacity of 9000 pounds. The lifting speed is adjustable to suit your preference. However, the speed is dependent on the weight of your car.

Additionally, it comes with a powerful hydraulic motor with excellent performance. You will also get a pump with fluid reservoir, dump-valve handle and a single phase motor which makes it work efficiently.


Constructed with high-quality steel.

High lifting capacity.


Easy installation.


It requires no less than 4-inch slab concrete for installation.

2. QuickJack BL-5000 SLX Car Lift

Unlike before, vehicle maintenance can now be done faster, more comfortable and convenient, thanks to QuickJack BL-5000SLX. Apart from its outstanding performance, the unit is very portable allowing you to take it anywhere in your car.

It is designed with 110V that enables the machine to lift up to 5000 lbs. With just a push of a button, you can raise any vehicle less than this weight.

Its maximum height of 2 feet above the ground is also impressive. It allows you to efficiently conduct chase tuning, change tires or any other maintenance that you wish to perform.

The fact that it is compact with small size makes storing it even in the smallest garage possible. With a 3 inches clearing capacity, you can easily slide it under most vehicles which makes it exceptional from other portable car lifts.


Easy storage.

3 inch clearance enables using it with low setting vehicles.

Enhanced safety with automatic dual locks.

Comes with a remote control pendent.


The fittings might start leaking after sometime.

3. Triple Bag Air Jack 3 Ton Extended Handle Pneumatic Lift

This unit is designed with a low profile which makes it suitable for use with any vehicle. It’s lifting height is also remarkable and will allow you to carry on maintenance or repair easily.

It is built to provide enough power for lifting up to 3 tones safely. The lifting system also works perfectly with high efficiency and will raise your car within a short time and demands little hassle.

With its compact size and a lightweight, you can easily move it around and carry it on the backseat of your car. This makes it convenient for use anywhere since you never know when the need will arise.


Highly portable.

Strong body construction.

Works well with most vehicles.

Excellent weight lifting capacity.


It might not lift heavier vehicles exceeding three tones.

4. Dannmar Portable Mid-Rise 6000 Lbs. Scissors Lift

This unit from Dannmar is built to allow you to service your car efficient and in a natural way. It comes with a portable cart allowing you to move it easily from bay to bay.

It is also suitable for various purposes, thanks to its adjustable arm assemblies and the multi-position safety lock.

Additionally, the unit is designed with an outstanding weight lifting capacity of 6, 000 lbs. with a maximum lift height of 36” that will provide you with enough working space.

So, if you are looking for a cheap way to handle your car repairs and maintenance, this unit will make a great pick.


Requires little space for storage.

Great versatility.

Easy to use.

Good strength.


Voltage not variable

5. TRIUMPH NSS-8 4 Post Storage 8000Lbs Service Lift

The Triumph NSS-8 comes with an oversized design that enables you to work on any vehicle. Its 99” width measurement provides a wide drive that most homeowners find impressive.

It has exceptional strength supporting up to 8,000 pounds with its 190” 4 by 94” 4 post storage. This means that regardless of the type of vehicle, you will find this unit quite helpful since it can work well with most brands.

With excellent body construction, it will remain functional for a long time without developing any challenges. Additionally, it works perfectly with any environment allowing you to use it anywhere.

Its automated locks that work efficiently are also worth mentioning as they enhances protection. The powerful 110V motor enables it to work quietly and smoothly. You will even get 2 removable loading ramps that allow easy mounting alongside 2 car stop plates for extra safety.


Impressive 8,000 pounds lift capacity.

Automated locks (10).

Comes with removable loading rams.

High quality construction.

Convenient 190” by 94” design


You might experience difficulties putting it together.

6. TRIUMPH NTO-10A Two Post 10,000 Lbs Clear Floor Lift

The Triumph NT0-10A is designed to offer a weight lifting capacity of 10,000 lbs., a width of 133 inches and a height of 145 inches. The features that it is packed with makes it worth your investment.

It has swim arm handles that allows faster positioning and more comfortable handling. Its rubber door guards which are constructed with 3 pieces enhances protection against damage.

With a quality and enhanced durability, you can expect to use it for long. This makes it the best choice if you need a long term solution for tackling car maintenance.

The setup is also pretty simple and you can do it even if you are a beginner. You will be surprised that you don’t need instructions to put it up together.


High quality.

Durable construction.

Enhanced protection.

Easy to set up.


The controls might not be heavy duty.

7. QuickJack BL-3500 SLX Lifting Capacity

If you own a small car and need a car lift for light maintenance, then you will find the BL-3500 SLX quite useful. The unit can perfectly handle weight not exceeding 3500 lbs.

The lift is also constructed with a compact size that allows you to move it around easily. Additionally, storing it is also made simple since it can fit in the smallest space including your trunk or backseat.

Another important feature about this machine is that its lifting system is efficient and performs smoothly. It will work only take you some few minutes to get the car in position for maintenance.


Has 3 inch clearance to fit low sitting vehicles.

High portability.

It is affordable.

Its automatic lock provides extra protection.


Its use is limited to only smaller vehicles.

8. Auto Lift Car-Park-8 8,000 lbs. 4 Post car Parking Lift

If you are looking forward to solving storage problems without constructing a new garage, then this unit is ideal for you. With an impressive weight lifting capacity, this unit will make your work much more relaxed.

It is also designed to work well with most vehicles. This makes it suitable if you need a machine for various uses in the garage.

The four steel posts are designed with exceptional durability, and they will keep the machine functional for long. Its enclosed carriages enhances safety to avoid any safety risk.

Additionally, it has up to 10 lockable positions that allows you to customize its functionality to suit your needs. The aircraft grade cables also have extraordinary strength of 14,500 pounds which will enable you to work well without encountering any challenges.


Enhanced durability.

Ten locking positions.

Compact size for easy portability.

Easy storage.

Sturdy four posts.


The lifting speed might be slow.

9. Xtremepower US Heavy duty 1 Handle 22 Ton Air Hydraulic Floor Jack

For most homeowners, a 5-ton lift is just enough for conducting most of their work, however, if you need a lift with more strength, then this 22-ton unit will come handy. It allows you to easily get any vehicle to a suitable position that you can work on.

With a height measuring 9 inches, the machine can perfectly fit under, most large vehicles or trucks. Its handle is 49” long and you have the option of setting it flat for easy control of the floor jack.

It is designed with a weight of 118-pounds which makes it portable enough enabling you to move it with much ease. The fact that using it is pretty easy makes this unit an excellent choice.


Excellent 22 tons weight lifting capacity.

Good durability.

Comes with 4 saddle extensions.

Easy to use.

Its price is reasonable.


You need to be patient when lifting since it is slow.

10. OTC 1510B 10-Ton Service Jack

If what you need is a car lift that has a simple design yet its performance is astonishing the look no further than this unit that comes with a lifting capacity of 10 Ton. The strength is incredible which makes it compatible with most brands.

The unit comes with a maximum height of 22 inches, a frame height of slightly higher than 9 inches and floor space ranging from 18” to 60”. This means that you will have enough space to work on different parts of the vehicle.

It is also built with a safety overload that secures the jack from being used beyond its capacity. This will ensure that it remains functional for long free of damages.

The foot pedal is also conveniently located and will speed the lifting operation. Its release controls and the handle lock are also positioned on the top of the 40” spring load handle to allow easy use.


Impressive weight-lifting capacity.

Easy to move around.

Enhanced safety.

Works perfectly.


Comes with a 1-year limited warranty.


While handling car repairs at home is the best cost-effective way, using unreliable tool will make your work harder. This is why you need to be keen to detail when buying a car lift. You should get one with outstanding performance that will guarantee the success of your activities.

You will find this compilation of some of the best car lifts for home garage quite helpful. These units will make your work easier with less hassle. Don’t hesitate to get one of them.

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