Best Square Dining Table for 4(review)

Dining tables are a “must-have” when it comes to your home. You can set it in your living room or your kitchen. Dining tables are regarded as essential products when it comes to a house for several reasons.

Your family can bond well while sitting and eating together. It gives a chance to share stories and take off stress while communicating with your close ones, forgetting every anxiety brought by the day.

Dining tables also bring about good eating habits. If you are eating casually while not having a proper space to eat, you would probably eat whatever you see before thinking much. Dining tables unconsciously provide a platform to think of what you want to set on the table and eat.

If you want to relax after a busy workday and have casual talks with your loved ones, then you must have a dining table in your house. Here are the top 5 square dining tables for four that would provide you with a relaxed environment and make you take care of your diet as well as your children’s.

1) East-West Furniture Kitchen set

East West’s kitchen set is a classic dining table that would suit your room if you want a stylish and yet traditional look. East West’s dining table is perfect for your kitchen and comes in Mahogany.

It is built of leather padded microfiber, which makes it have reliable quality and provide comfortable sitting. The four cushion seats are made for your relaxation after a whole day of work or for having a great healthy breakfast together with your family.

The features of this dining table set make your kitchen look highly stylish and classy, mainly due to the floral-inspired slatted back dining chairs design.

The furniture is built with reliable wood quality and a firm structure. East West’s furniture kitchen set takes a very accurate space of your kitchen, and you need to assemble it yourself. The product weighs 127 pounds, and the size is 36 x 36 x 30 inches.


Assembling is easy and straightforward
Strong solid structure
Very sturdy and uniquely designed


The minimal colour rang

2) 5-Piece Pack Counter Height Dinette Set

Homelegance’s piece pack counter dinette provides the most elegant form of dining; even its name suggests that. This product is made of neutral tone fabric seating with solid wood and is available in the colour grey.

The table has a display shelf base below that makes it easier to put things that are not required yet, below. The display shelf can also be used as a way to decorate your furniture by placing a vase there, etc.

It is a great product that can be used for different home environments due to its modern features and style.

The product is the best at providing the essential space needed with a display shelf and a surface above. The seats are also padded, which makes it more comfortable for you to sit and dine together either for breakfast or a family weekend lunch.

The design itself speaks for delicacy and a modern image. This product shows the lifestyle you want to depict. It weighs 132 pounds and is 40 x 40 x 36 inches.


Quality Assurance
Comfortable padded seating
Modern design


Colour range is limited to Grey

3) OXGR5-LWH-W 5 PC Kitchen Table and 4 Wood Dining Chairs

East West’s white linen kitchen table and four dining chairs are crafted with love and provide a traditional style to your dining atmosphere. This product is made of solid wood that reduces the risk of expansion caused by seasonal changes effect taking place on the product.

It is designed in such a manner that it would make you feel dining in a classical style. The strong structural base of the table and chairs makes them have lasting durability.

The floral-inspired kitchen chairs design make a very classical appearance and make your kitchen or dining room glowing due to the white linen colour. This is an attractive product design.

The solid wood makes the quality of the East West’s furniture, even more, assuring to use due to its endless benefits, making it a long-lasting product. The white linen colour makes it also suitable to use for special ceremonies or occasions at home.

These East West’s kitchen table and dining chairs weigh 40.2 pounds and are 36 x 36 x 30 inches.


Traditionally designed
Solid structure and quality of wood making it have high durability


Strict Colour Range
Quality control issues may yet be found

4) Flash Furniture 30” Square Black Laminate Table Set

If you are looking for a dining set that is glamorous and modern simultaneously, then you should buy this product. Flash Furniture’s dining set makes it easier for you to have a multifunctional dining set.

It can be used not only for dining in a kitchen with your family but due to its modern features and look; it can be used during ceremonies or conferences or even cafeterias.

The tabletop is delicately laminated in black while the four ladder chairs have a cherry coloured seating and are made of metal. The round base of the table makes it easier to provide balanced support.

The curved support bars around the chairs offer stability. The metal chairs are assembled and stabilized by a massive welding joint. Flash Furniture makes the ideal product for dining in a modern chic manner. The black lamination on the table provides a smooth surface.

This is a must-have product if you are a trendsetter. The table set and chairs weigh 115 pounds and are 30 x 30 x 30 inches.


Gives a modern and glamorous image to your dining room or kitchen
Sturdy chairs with high durability


Comes with no Instruction manual for assembling
You need to get the screws yourself to join it

5) Signature Design by Ashley

Signature Design by Ashley comes with a table made of engineered wood and seats that can have six people sitting together and eating happily.

The four chairs and the bench have a sturdy wood frame and softly padded seat covers. It is available in brown, and it provides a warm and cozy feeling to the people who dine using this product.

This product is excellent and very appropriate for home dining since its style makes it give a simple look. The padded seat covers make it even more suitable for dining as they provide more relaxation.

The size of the Signature Design by Ashley’s dining set is 36 x 60 x 30.1 inches and weighs 138 pounds. Ashley’s dining set is even easier to assemble as it requires very less assembling, and you can use it very soon after it has been delivered.

The product is more natural to clean due to its material. You can use a damp towel to wash it in minutes. The square dining table takes very little space and at the same time, provides enough storage capacity while dining.

You will enjoy having dinner with your family if you love classy, designed furniture.


Minimal assembling required
Easy to clean
High level of durability


Limited Colour range
Poor Quality
The table gets scratches easily


After taking a look at all the features of the products listed above, you should choose the set of dining that your family would love and fulfills their demands. A home is incomplete without a dining set.

There needs to be a space where all of your family members can sit together and have a great time after a long day of work, etc. Dining table sets are key to communication with your loved ones while sitting and eating at the same moment.

You need to keep in mind the appropriate features before you choose a set for your home.

The product should give a homely feel or even if you are looking for a table set for a café or an occasion you need to choose the furniture that would make the people using it feel relaxed and comfortable while using it. The quality of the dining table set should also be kept in mind. The product needs to be high in durability and have comfortable seating. The dining set should also have resistance to rust or seasonal changes. You also need to keep in mind the theme of the room. It should add glamour to your place and should not look inappropriate in the room. Choose the dining set that would be worth it for you and your family and would be at an appropriate budget as well!

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